The Knowledge Pipeline of Fen Spinner

Started by V 0 1 D, Sep 28, 2022, 07:52 PM

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Before I put this forum up, I had been thinking about how the different Fen Spinner services we have provide benefit to communication between spinners. Before the forums we had the wiki and the Discord server, and they had two very clear, opposing principles:
  • The Discord server allows free, fast communication and quick discussion of topics and ideas, with less cohesion.
  • The wiki server collects filtered information, curated to provide accurate knowledge to spinners.

But there was no clear link between the two. In fact, organizing anything on the Wiki through the Discord was very hard, and using any information in the Discord on the wiki was nearly impossible. The forum now bridges that gap, and provides an organized, archived discussion platform for mid to high effort discussions. It creates a knowledge pipeline:
  • Spinners use the Discord server for light conversation, and brainstorming, and eventually move to the forums if the conversation gets too big.
  • Forum threads collect detailed, organized information about the discussions, which allows them to be better curated for the wiki.
  • Wiki editors collect information from the forums, and refine it into knowledge to write and improve wiki articles.
It sounds optimistic, but it's clear that there's a real reason for the forums to exist, that they let long form, detailed discussions happen where you would normally end up drowned out or distracted in a chat channel that constantly changes topics.